Tor Browser is a free and open source web browser that will preserve your privacy online. It is designed to help you improve the safety and security while surfing the internet. With this browser, you can easily defend yourself against tracking and surveillance. It comes with the built-in privacy features and lets you access the web anonymously. With Tor, you can stay away from the prying eyes even while using the instant messengers and other apps that uses the TCP protocol. It is an all-in-one tool that can be used for both private and business needs as it ensures complete privacy. Not even the ISP, key loggers, and malware can track your activity when you use this browser on your device.

Tor Browser
Tor Browser

Features of Tor Browser

#1. Browse Privately

With the Tor web browser app, you can surf the web privately without being tracked at absolute privacy. Browse and explore anonymously as with the network of virtual tunnels.

#2. Block Trackers & Ads

No third-party trackers or ads can track you whenever you visit a website. It will delete the cookies and your browsing history automatically.

#3. Browse without Limits

It is easy to access any websites that are usually restricted or blocked by your home network with the help of Tor browser.

#4. Defend against Surveillance

Tor web browser will never let others to monitor your connection or the website you are visiting. It will defend you against surveillance from the third-party snoopers.

#5. Multi-Layered Encryption

Your traffic is relayed and encrypted three times as with multi-layered encryption. It has thousands of volunteer-run servers known as Tor relays.

Download Tor Browser

By clicking on the link below, you can download the latest version of Tor Browser.

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