Zoo Tycoon is an excellent series of business simulation gameplay for Mac in which you can create and manage your very own zoo. The Zoo Tycoon Mac app focuses on building and running successful zoo scenarios. It is a zoo simulation game that lets the player easily control their own fictional zoo business. The Zoo Tycoon app has come with fully manipulative features like the kiosks and, of course, the zoo animals. However, you will find much more with this game rather than simply designing a zoo. The primary aim of the game for the player is to build, expand, and/or upgrade the zoo by purchasing the animals, creating suitable animal habitats, and allocating the staff and resources for those animal maintenances and care. As to progress through the game, the players must make sure that their zoo is turning a profit, and that means that they also need to have ahead for the business while in the Zoo Tycoon mac game. The ultimate goal of the game is revenue, and thus the players must also provide for the visitors by building food or drink stands, picnic areas, sanitary facilities, and an aesthetically pleasing environment. When the animals and visitors are happy, then a higher revenue will be generated.

Zoo Tycoon for Mac

Download the Zoo Tycoon app on your Mac PC, as it features three modes: Scenario, Challenge, and Freestyle. In the Scenario mode, you can take control of a preset scenario in which you need to accomplish multiple objectives within a certain time period. New items will be unlocked easily while in the game when the scenario progresses. In the Challenge mode, the player will be limited with funds and must accomplish certain goals. It is not progressive like the Scenario mode of Zoo Tycoon on MacBook. The Freestyle mode differs in each gaming series, but it will usually leave the player to freely build a zoo from scratch however they see it. When the animals are released from their enclosure, they will kill the visitors who visit the zoo.


Application Name: Zoo Tycoon
DeveloperMicrosoft Game Studios
Version: 1.0
Languages: Multiple Languages
File size:  38.65 MB

Features of Zoo Tycoon Mac

Fictional Zoo Business: In Zoo Tycoon, you need to create and manage your very own fictional zoo business. You can easily build and run successful zoo scenarios while in the gameplay.

Build, Expand, & Upgrade: As a player of Zoo Tycoon, you must build, expand, and upgrade a zoo by purchasing the animals, creating suitable animal habitats, and allocating the staff and resources for animal maintenance and care.

Make Revenue: The ultimate goal of the app is revenue, and you need to provide your visitors with food or drinks, sanitary facilities, picnic areas, and more.

Game Modes: There are three game modes present in the Zoo Tycoon app, and that includes Scenario mode, Challenger mode, and Freestyle mode, where each of them differs from the others.

Scenario Mode: You can easily control the present scenario to accomplish multiple objectives within a time period in the Scenario mode of Zoo Tycoon Mac. New items will be unlocked as the scenario progresses.

Challenge Mode: The Challenge Mode resembles the Scenario mode in which you will be in a preset scenario with limited funds, and you must accomplish certain goals. However, it differs that this mode is not progressive.

Freestyle Mode: In each game of the Freestyle mode of Zoo Tycoon, you can build a zoo freely from scratch however they see it.

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Zoo Tycoon for Mac

Unfortunately, Zoo Tycoon is not available for Mac PC. It is only available for Windows PC, so try Zoo Tycoon on your Windows device.

Screenshots of Zoo Tycoon

zoo game
mac zoo game
Zoo Tycoon for MacZoo Tycoon for MacZoo Tycoon for Mac

It is important for the player to monitor the animals and make sure they are not escaped from their cell. At times, maintaining the balance between creating a zoo and running a business may be quite tough in Zoo Tycoon.