Google Play Store for iOS: Do you ever thought of accessing an Android app on your iPhone? If so then this article is for those iOS users who suspect whether or not Google Play Store can be accessed on iPhone. Even if you are one among the millions who miss your favourite Android apps and games on your iPhone can get into the article to know about the Google Play Store for iPhone. Play Store is the biggest of all other app stores and you will definitely be able to access those apps on your iOS device with no further delay. With Google Play Store for iOS download, you can instantly pick your favourite Android apps to be used on your handy iPhone/iPad. It is a known fact that Google Play Store is developed for Android OS only and with the emulator, anyone can access Play Store on iPad or iPhone. With this, you can overcome the inability of accessing the Play Store on iOS. You will never miss any of your Android apps on your iPhone as with the Google Play download. You can choose from more than 2.7 million Android apps available and download to use them at any time on your iOS devices. With more apps than the iOS, you will get a world of options right at your fingertips as with the Play Store for iPad/iPhone.

Google Play Store for iOS
Google Play Store for iOS

With the Google Play Store for iOS, you will get the same features as like that of the Play Store for Android. Provide your Google account credentials and login to the Android app store on your iPhone as to download and access it in no time. Choose the Android app which you want to use on iOS from different categories like books, communication, entertainment, education, lifestyle, tools, photography, sports, music, and lots more. In Google Play Store iPhone, you can even search for the app by typing in the name of the app on the built-in search bar to get in instantly. Download the right app by looking at its user ratings, reviews, comments, etc. Tap on the install button of any Android app from its main page to download it on your iOS. With the Google Play Store iPad download, you will get update notifications and with this, you can easily update any app from its homepage with one tap. When you wanted to end accessing an app, then you can uninstall the same from its main page itself. You will let experience the same look and feel as like that of the Android platform as the user-interface and compatibility of Google Play Store is always the best as with its versatility. You will also get access to Google Play services including music, movies, books, news and games on your iOS platform with ease.

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Features of Google Play Store for iOS

The features of the Google Play Store for iPhone/iPad is the same as like its native platform and get to know them from below section.

Google Play Store for iOS
Google Play Store for iOS
  • With the Google Play Store for iPhone download, you can instantly download and install any Android apps on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Use the apps section of the Play Store to search, browse, download and install any Android apps from the widest range of categories.
  • Get to know more about any Android app right from its homepage like its developer, version, size, changelog, reviews, screenshots, and more such details now on your iOS with Google Play Store for iOS.
  • You can choose from a universe of games from the Google Play Games service to play with friends, track your achievements, and get unlimited fun.
  • Listen to music collections available in Play Music or bring your own music collection by uploading 50,000 of your own songs to listen to them in any device you have.
  • It is easy to watch your must-see movies and shows whether you are online or off the grid as with the Google Play Movies & TV, a video-on-demand service of Google Play Store for iPhone.
  • Choose to read ebooks and audiobooks collections from the world’s largest collection of books with ease. You can upload up to 1,000 of your ebooks in the PDF or EPUB file formats from Google Play Store for iPad.
  • Stay up-to-date about what is happening around the world with the Google Play Newsstand with which you can read digital magazines and topical news feeds.

How to Download Google Play Store on iOS?

Accessing Google Play on iOS device isn’t possible as Play Store is developed for Android operating system. There is an incompatibility that exists between Google Play Store on the iOS device and so you cannot download it. In such a case, you have to opt for the Google Play Store alternatives as to access Android apps on iOS.

Google Play Store for iOS
Google Play Store for iOS

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Google Play Store for iOS – Alternatives

Google Play Store is the official app store when it comes to accessing Android apps, games, and more other digital contents on the Android device. However, it cannot be accessed on other platforms like iOS as with the incompatibility. You can opt for the Google Play Store alternatives as to let experience Android apps on iOS. Given below are the best Play Store alternatives and you can use it on your iOS device.

1. iOS App Store

If you wanted to access Android apps on iOS, then its better to go for iOS App Store. It doesn’t have the same number of apps as like Google Play Store, yet you will be accessing the officially version of such apps. More over, you will find no issues or complexities while accessing apps from iOS App Store on your iOS device. Its better to opt with this alternative if you wanted to download apps from official developer.

2. Aptoide

If you are looking for the best app store alternative to Google Play Store, then Aptoide is the best choice out of all. It has been the choice of many iOS device users as it has plethora of app and games. It is available in 40 different languages and features more than 800,000 Android apps. Besides accessing Android apps, you can also download premium version of any apps and access it at zero cost.

3. GetJar

GetJar is yet another mobile app store that can be used an alternative to Google Play Store on your iOS device. You can choose from more than 8 millions apps from major mobile platforms with ease. There are several millions of apps are being downloaded everyday as with the help of GetJar app store. It is rated as the world’s biggest open app store that can be used on iOS platform.

Google Play Store is also available for

Hope the information given about Google Play Store for iOS is useful to you in dealing with it. For any queries, you can comment below.