Xender is best-of-its kind of file transferring app that has simply replaced the oldest means of file sharing. It is the fastest file transfer app that will let you share files wirelessly with one tap. Xender has been the choice of more than 500 millions of users from all over the world and is been available in 32 languages. You need not depend on the Bluetooth, NFC, AirDrop, and third-party software anymore to share and transfer files as Xender does that wirelessly. More than hundred millions of files are being transferred everyday at the fastest transferring rate. You can share files just with few taps across different devices by using the Xender app.


Features of Xender

#1. Seamless File Transfer

You can use Xender app to share and transfer files of any type like photos, videos, music, movies, documents, etc. In the same way, there isn’t any limit on the size of the file as it supports transferring files of unlimited size.

#2. Wireless Transfer

Xender app will transfer files with one-click and you need not wait for too long time as like the Bluetooth transferring. It works 200 times the speed of Bluetooth.

#3. No Tangled Cables

You never have to make use of the tangled external USB cables anymore. Rather download Xender app and it will transfer all your files without requiring wires from anywhere wirelessly.

#4. Zero Cost File Transfer

Xender will never make use of your internet or WiFi connection to transfer files from your device. It is the smart file sharing app and you can use it to share files at the cost of zero.

#5. Group File Sharing

Apart from one-on-one file sharing, you can use Xender app to invite friends and transfer files of up to four devices connected to the same network all at once with the group sharing.

#6. Smart Phone Replicate

With the Xender smart phone replicate feature, you can smart switch your mobile data contents from your old phone to new phone. It includes SMS, photos, music, videos, contacts, games, and more.

#7. User-Friendly Design

Xender app features user-friendly interface and thus opening, transferring, and viewing files is easier than ever. You can easily navigate to the different sections of the app instantly.

#8. File Manager

Xender app will work as a file manager and thus you can use it to view, move, and delete files. You can even clear your device memory and use it to take a backup copy of your important files.

#9. Discover Apps

Various apps from your friends device will be introduced to you when their device is connected with yours. With one-click, it can be shared to you and you can install it on your Android device.

#10. Cross-Platform Support

You aren’t limited with the device to which you are transferring files. Xender is a cross-platform supported app that works on phone, tablets of Android, iOS, and Windows Phone along with Windows and Mac PC.

Download Xender

You can get access to Xender Android app on your device just by clicking on the link below.

Download Xender from Google Play Store

How to Download and install Xender Apk without Google Play Store

Learn How to Download Xender Android App on Windows PC

Learn How to Download Xender Android App on Mac

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