Samsung Kies for PC Windows: Samsung Kies for PC is an amazing tool with which you will be able to connect your mobile phone to your Windows PC and sync data between devices. With Samsung Kies PC app, you can instantly transfer your device contents between your mobile and PC. It is a freeware software app that will create a bridge between your phone and Windows desktop, Samsung Kies for Windows 8 PC app is a data transfer tool that will let you effortlessly transfer your mobile contents across devices. You can use this tool to manage multimedia contents like audio, photos, video, etc. It is a handy tool that will sync your data with your Windows PC via a USB cable or wireless LAN  Kies. Samsung Kies for PC Windows 8 app is an essential app with which you can not only transfer data but it also helps you in finding out the new apps. It is a great app with which you can easily manage the whole of your mobile phone as with the help of the Kies app. It combines all of the features in a fresh, simple, and easy to use interface. Apart from managing and finding apps, you can also use the Samsung Kies for Windows PC app to update your firmware. It is an automated process and that takes place as soon as you connect your mobile to PC with Samsung Kies via a USB cable. You will get notified with any updates when your device has any new firmware available.

Samsung Kies for PC
Samsung Kies for PC

Download Samsung Kies for Windows 10 PC as it will let you enjoy accessing your device with all of the new features. You can use this tool to easily and quickly transfer and manage your contacts and calendar events across the devices. It will sync your  Microsoft Outlook contents on your Windows PC. You can also use this tool as a better backup solution as it will let you easily back up the data that is localized on your mobile device like bookmarks, settings, alarms, music, contacts, photos or videos. You can also add and edit the contact from mobile using the Samsung Kies conveniently. You can easily purchase or get acquisition of the additional or special device features as with this Samsung Kies installation. With this tool, it is possible to create and sync playlist across your device of any platform. Apart from the firmware installation, you can also access the operating system or the OS version upgrades. By using the Samsung Kies app, you can easily view the apps in full screen on your Windows PC, irrespective of your network. Thus Samsung Kies PC Windows app is an all-in-one tool with which you can handle multiple tasks all at once.

Samsung Kies for PC – Specifications

Software Name: Samsung Kies
Software Author Name: Samsung 
Version: 3.2.16084_2
License: Freeware
Software Categories: Tools
Supporting Operating SystemsWindows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7Windows 8  
Os type: 32 Bit, 64 Bit
Languages: Multiple languages
File size: 38.8 MB

Features of Samsung Kies PC

The salient features of Samsung Kies PC Download are listed below

Transfer Files Instantly: Download Samsung Kies app for Windows PC as it is the best file transferring app with which you can instantly and easily synchronize all the data between your mobile and desktop devices.

Connect Wirelessly: You can connect your mobile to Samsung Kies for Windows PC app via Wifi and then sync any of your device contents and thus you will be able to manage them in a convenient way.

Data Backup: It is easy to back up all your mobile data that is available in your device as with the Samsung Kies tool, and thus you can easily access and move them with ease from the Windows PC.

Upgrade Your Firmware: You can efficiently upgrade your firmware along with your operating system now in an effortless way as with the download and installation of the Samsung Kies for PC app.

Supported File Types: With the Samsung Kies PC app, you can share or transfer files of any types and that includes photos, videos, music, calendar, contacts, messages, documents, maps, apps and more.

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Download Samsung Kies for Windows PC XP/7/8/8.1/10 Free

Samsung Kies PC App is compatible with all sort of Windows Versions, and it is applicable for both 32-bit and 64-bit users.

Click here to Download Samsung Kies App for PC from the official site.

Previous Versions of Samsung Kies for PC

The previous versions of Samsung Kies App for Windows 8.1 are listed below

  • Samsung Kies PC Free V 3.2.16044_2
  • Samsung Kies PC Free V 3.2.16035_2
  • Samsung Kies PC Free V 3.2.16011_2
  • Samsung Kies PC Free V 3.2.15072_2
  • Samsung Kies PC Free V 3.2.15041_2
  • Samsung Kies PC Free V 3.2.15022_8
  • Samsung Kies PC Free V 3.2.15013_17
  • Samsung Kies PC Free V 3.2.14113_3
  • Samsung Kies PC Free V 3.2.14083_17
  • Samsung Kies PC Free V 3.2.14083_9
  • Samsung Kies PC Free V 3.2.14072_12
  • Samsung Kies PC Free V 3.2.14055_3
  • Samsung Kies PC Free V 3.2.14034_17
  • Samsung Kies PC Free V 3.2.14034_12
  • Samsung Kies PC Free V 3.2.14024_11

Screenshots of Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies for PC
Samsung Kies for PC
Samsung Kies for PC
Samsung Kies for PC
Samsung Kies for PC
Samsung Kies for PC
Samsung Kies for PC
Samsung Kies for PC

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