Google Translate for PC Windows: Google Translate for PC is the free multilingual machine translation app that will instantly translate words in one another supported languages. Google Translate PC Windows app is the most popularly used language-translation tool as is available as a website interface as well as the mobile apps. It will effortlessly translate the text you have typed from one language to the desired language. Google Translate for Windows 8 PC app will easily translate between 103 languages by typing. It is the most popular translation tool that performs dynamically as it has included with the powerful language detection capability. Google Translate Windows PC app will translate not only the words that have been typed but also the web pages you visit. Just click on the Translate icon on the toolbar and this app will translate the page when the interface language is different. So with this option, you can easily translate the entire page that you are visiting. With a simple tap, this tool will translate it and all you need to do is to just copy the text in any app and your translation will pop up instantly. Aside, you can highlight or right-click on a portion of a text, click on Translate option, and the Google Translate for PC Windows 8 app will translate the words in the language you want. You will get instantly translation result as with the help of this translation tool.

Google Translate for PC
Google Translate for PC

Download Google Translate for Windows 10 PC app as is a multilingual translation tool that supports a plethora of languages that are used from all over the world. All it takes is a few seconds when it comes to translating from one language to one another in the high-quality. The tight integration with the Google Chrome browser will let you get in sync with your known language. You can communicate or know the exact meaning of a word in your desired language as with the help of the Google Translate Windows PC app download. The interface of the app has an option with which you can choose to translate the entire page automatically with ease. It will save both your time and effort when it comes to translating words from one language to another. It can be used in the offline mode too and it can translate 59 languages when you have no internet connection. It also supports camera mode and thus you can take pictures of any text and you will be getting translations in 37 languages in the higher-quality. You can even use your camera to translate the text instantly in 38 languages right on your Windows desktop PC. Get two-way instant speech translation in 32 languages with the conversation mode. You can even draw characters aside from using your keyboard as the Google Translate app will identify handwriting in 93 languages. Use the phrasebook to star and save your translations for future reference in any language.

Google Translate for PC – Specifications

Features of Google Translate PC

The salient features of Google Translate PC Download are listed below

Get Instant Translation: Download Google Translation app for Windows PC app as it is a multilingual translator with which you will give you an instant translation. It will translate the contents at a much faster rate and all it takes is a few seconds.

Translates Multiple Forms: You can easily translate multiple forms of text and media from one language to another as with the help of the Google Translator PC Windows app. It includes text, images, speech, websites, or real-time video.

Powerful Language Detection: With the powerful language detection feature, it will translate the words, phrases, or an entire web page easily. Aside, the Google Translator can translate between 103 languages via typing.

Tap to Translate: You can now copy the text in any app and your translation will instantly pop up as with the Google Translator for PC app. It supports the translation of about 59 languages in the offline mode.

Camera & Conversation Mode: Use the camera mode to take photos of any text and get a translated result in 37 languages with this tool. Get two-way instant speech translation in 32 languages as with the Conversation Mode.

Other features: With the Google Translator Windows PC app, you can draw characters instead of typing as it supports 93 languages. You can use the phrasebook and star or save translations for future reference in any language.

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Previous Versions of Google Translate for PC

The previous versions of Google Translate App for Windows 8.1 are listed below

  • Google Translate PC Free V 5.22.0.RC04.206832067
  • Google Translate PC Free V 5.20.0.RC10.199570264
  • Google Translate PC Free V 5.19.0.RC07.194956853
  • Google Translate PC Free V 5.18.0.RC03.191659171
  • Google Translate PC Free V 5.17.0.RC08.187889404
  • Google Translate PC Free V 5.16.0.RC09.184610470
  • Google Translate PC Free V 5.15.0.RC08.178812743
  • Google Translate PC Free V 5.14.0.RC09.173596335
  • Google Translate PC Free V 5.13.0.RC07.169959848
  • Google Translate PC Free V 5.12.0.RC05.167195139
  • Google Translate PC Free V 5.11.0.RC17.164872617
  • Google Translate PC Free V 5.10.0.RC14.158910458
  • Google Translate PC Free V 5.9.0.RC07.155715800
  • Google Translate PC Free V 5.8.1.RC16.153533264
  • Google Translate PC Free V 5.8.1.RC14.153087569

How to Download Google Translate for PC Using bluestacks?

To access Google Translate on Windows PC, you must need BlueStacks emulator on your PC. Bluestacks is a popular Android Emulator that helps you to run all kind of Android apps on your Windows OS device.

  1. Download and install Bluestacks from its official website (
  2. Launch the Bluestacks app.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your Google credentials (Gmail ID & Password). Enter the details to sign-in.
  4. Launch the Google Play Store app from the emulator homepage and search for Google Translate.
  5. Select the official Google Translate App and click the Install button to download and install Google Translate on your Windows PC.
  6. After installation, click Open to launch the app and experience all the advanced features of this application.

Screenshots of Google Translate

Google Translate for PC
Google Translate for PC
Google Translate for PC
Google Translate for PC
Google Translate for PC
Google Translate for PC
Google Translate for PC
Google Translate for PC

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