Scribblenauts for Mac Free Download: Scribblenauts for Mac is an excellent emergent action puzzle gaming app in which you will experience the side-scrolling gameplay. Scribblenauts Mac PC app is an award-winning side-scrolling and best-selling puzzle game ever. You can imagine anything and explore everything as with an exclusively side-scrolling game style. The player of the Scribblenauts Mac PC app has to take control of the protagonist named Maxwell in such a way to let him collect the objects called the Starites as a way to complete each level. It is set in a wide-open world where you will let experience the adventure and in which the most powerful tool is still your imagination. In the Scribblenauts app for Mac, Maxwell will pick up the object or will be given other options for interacting with that object like riding a horse, bicycle or shoot on an object upon he holding a weapon. The fundamental element of the Scribblenauts gameplay is the ability in which the player can summon myriad objects into the game. It can be easily achieved by writing the name of an object on the screen. You can now chain the objects together like chaining a piece of meat to a pole and holding it when riding on the raptor.

Scribblenauts for Mac
Scribblenauts for Mac

Download Scribblenauts app for Mac PC in which the summoned objects include the animals, weapons, forces of nature, popular people, household objects, vehicles, easter eggs of the development team, and internet memes. The game is segmented into 220 different levels with more than ten themed areas, and each given a four-star ranking which is based on its difficulty, with later areas featuring more of high ranked levels. Puzzles in the game are given a par for the number of objects they can summon like between two and four, although you can summon more for free as long as there is space in the meter at the top screen. There are two types of levels in the Scribblenauts Mac app and that includes the puzzle and action levels. Puzzle levels are termed as the real-life situations where the Starite is awarded once the puzzle is solved. Whereas the action levels will appeal to the gamers who prefer side-scrolling platformers that feature switches, spike traps, and more other similar elements. On completing a level, a silver star appears on the level selection button and the Free play mode will be unlocked. Now you get the option to play through the level for three consecutive times without reusing the objects and on successful completion, you will be granted the gold star for each level.

Scribblenauts for Mac – Specifications

Features of Scribblenauts Mac

The salient features of Scribblenauts Mac Download are listed below

All-New Unbound World: Download Scribblenauts PC Mac app as to let explore a wide-open world that is set in the large universe where you can explore for an unlimited time to get fun in every level as you play.

Store Object: It is possible to store the previously summoned objects as in the Scribblenauts Mac PC app and your own creations like the objects and characters inside the Magic Backpack to easily access when needed.

Time Mashup: Get involved in a time mashup with the Hipster Lincoln, Robo-Einstein to become a Corporate Werewolf or rule from the above as the Queen of the Skies as Scribblenauts app included exclusive new characters.

Collect Starites: You can control Maxwell who is the principal protagonist to collect the Starites as to free up his sister Lily from the curse while playing in the Scribblenauts for Mac app.

Explore Everything: Get involved to explore everything as a player as there are a plethora of world, characters, and the objects that are made available in the Scribblenauts app gameplay.

Customize Worlds: It is possible to customize dozens of worlds easily during the Scribblenauts gameplay as you are not limited in anything as your imagination is the powerful tool.

Solve Puzzles: The player of the Scribblenauts Mac app has to solve multiple puzzles to get rewarded with the Starites and thereby free up Maxwell’s sister from the curse.

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Download Scribblenauts for Mac

Scribblenauts Mac is compatible with the Mac version of 10.0 and later. Download Scribblenauts Mac OS here.

Click here to download Scribblenauts for Mac

Techniques To Download Scribblenauts on Your Mac PC

Technique One: The first technique to download Scribblenauts Mac app on your Mac PC is very simple. You must click on above given “Download Link.” Once you click on the link, the Scribblenauts app will get downloaded and installed automatically on our Mac PC. Scribblenauts Mac Download via this technique is the most simple and easy way of getting the Scribblenauts app right on your Mac desktop PC. With the Scribblenauts Mac PC app, you will let experience the exclusively side-scrolling with puzzles games. Your imagination is the powerful weapon as with this gaming app and thus you can imagine anything and explore anywhere. Get to customize the world and objects in the way you want with the Scribblenauts Mac app and you can play in your own unique style.

Scribblenauts for Mac
Scribblenauts for Mac

Technique Two: In this second method, you can easily Download Scribblenauts for Mac from directly the Mac App Store. To do so, all you need to have to is go to the official Mac App Store, and from there you could use a search box which is located in the top of the screen to search for the Scribblenauts Mac app. Just, enter the name of the app as Scribblenauts and click the enter button to start searching for the Scribblenauts app in the official Mac Store. Now the search result will show a list of apps along with the Scribblenauts app. You need to select the icon of the Scribblenauts app to download it to the Mac PC. To download the Scribblenauts on your Mac PC, you need to enter your Mac ID, and password then enters the OK button to deal with the Scribblenauts app on your Mac PC.

Technique Three: The third method to download Scribblenauts Mac is also simple however you need some additional time to search for it and use it on your Apple iOS device. In this method, you will be getting the Scribblenauts app directly from its official website. Once you enter into the Scribblenauts app’s website, you will be able to see lots of options on the screen, in this page, you will be able to see the Download Button and just with a click to get the Scribblenauts app on your Mac PC. Once you click the button, the Scribblenauts app will get download and installed automatically on your Mac PC.

How to Download Scribblenauts for Mac using Bluestacks?

To install and use Scribblenauts on MAC, you need an emulator. Bluestacks is one of the most famous and popular Android emulator which can be used to install Android apps on your MAC.

  • Download and install Bluestacks from its official website (
  • Open Bluestacks app and sign in with your Gmail username and password.
  • Open Google Play Store app which is located on the home page of Bluestacks emulator.
  • Search Scribblenauts under Google Play Store search bar.
  • From the resultant apps, choose the Scribblenauts official app and click on it.
  • Press Install to download and install the app.
  • After installation, you can launch the app from the Bluestacks home screen.

Screenshots of Scribblenauts

Scribblenauts for Mac
Scribblenauts for Mac
Scribblenauts for Mac
Scribblenauts for Mac
Scribblenauts for Mac
Scribblenauts for Mac
Scribblenauts for Mac
Scribblenauts for Mac

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