Remix OS for Mac Free Download: Remix OS for Mac is one-of-its-kind of an operating system that will make you feel as if you are working on an Android desktop. With Remix OS Mac PC app, you will be getting full access to the Android apps and interface. It is now possible to work on Android like operating system now from your Mac desktop platform with ease. Remix OS for Mac PC allows you to run the PC optimized version of the Android on any computer. Through a simple and quick setup process, any Mac users can now enjoy using millions of Android apps as well as the games on their desktop alongside the many intuitive and amazing PC features that are engineered into the Remix OS. It is built for the community in which the boundaries between the mobile and desktop platform would forever be eliminated. You can become a part of the future of Android PC now by joining with the millions of users who have already switched to Remix OS and let experience the Android interface now on your Mac. It gives you access to more than two million Android apps and games in which most of them are free and anyone can install it with a single click from any Android app store of their choice. Get the freedom of choice as you can choose the apps that best fit your needs as is the key advantage of the Remix OS Mac app.

Remix OS for Mac
Remix OS for Mac

Download Remix OS app for Mac PC as it gives you the same feel just like using the Android device and you will love it as it gives you unparalleled Android work experience. It is built for the speed and performance as it is a native Android OS that starts fast and thus it will always stay fast. Get to work with thousands of education apps now from the Android platform and thus it makes learning on the Remix OS easier than ever before. It even lets you view, edit, and share your most precious memories. Besides this, you will let experience the fullest potential of the Android games on the bigger screen of your Mac as with the support of mouse and keyboard. Get to listen and watch your favourite songs and movies as with the help of countless streaming apps that are available on Android. You can connect and share your life with your family, friends, and more with the help of chat apps. Remix OS app for Mac PC is meticulously engineered and has a multitude of features that will bring the best of mobile and PC fusion. You can even play multiple games simultaneously when chatting with your friends as the Remix OS supports multi-window. With the Taskbar, you can effortlessly switch between the apps and games. The File Manager comes with an amazing collection of functionalities and that makes sure you can access, transfer, and save the files like never before.

Remix OS for Mac – Specifications

Application Name: Remix OS
DeveloperJide Technology Co. Ltd
Version: 3.0.207
Languages: Multiple Languages
File size:  1.2 GB

Features of Remix OS Mac

The salient features of Remix OS Mac Download are listed below

Advanced Game Emulator: Download Remix OS app for Mac PC as is one of the most advanced Android game emulator that is built to eliminate the boundaries between the mobile and the desktop platform forever.

Choose Apps: You will get the full flexibility to choose from more than two million Android apps that best suits your preferences where most of them are free and you can install with one click.

Speed & Performance: Remix OS Mac PC app is based on the native Android OS that is designed to work faster when it comes to speed and performance. Now more slowing down and you can get rid of the age-old OS.

File Manager: The file manager of the Remix OS app Mac PC comes with an amazing collection of functionalities and thus it lets you access, transfer, and save the files like never before with ease.

Multiple Window & Multi-Tasking: You can now play multiple games simultaneously while chatting with friends as  Remix OS supports multi-window and you can do multiple tasks at the same time.

Taskbar: You can switch between apps and games effortlessly with the touch of an icon or click of a mouse as Remix OS includes the taskbar that lets you do more with less.

An OS Within An OS: Get the most immersive Android gaming and PC experience packed under one roof as Remix OS Mac app will let you experience the best of Android.

Keyboard/Mouse Optimization: Use the mouse and keyboard of your Mac while accessing the Remix OS to get the ability to perform faster and better when interacting with your favourite apps and games.

Recycle & Review: Remix OS app PC Mac download brings new life into the old hardware and thereby it saves money and time. Get what you want from the Android app ecosystem now on your Mac platform.

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How to Download Remix OS for Mac using Bluestacks

To install and use Remix OS on MAC, you need an emulator. Bluestacks is one of the most famous and popular Android emulators which can be used to install Android apps on your MAC.

  1. Download and install Bluestacks from its official website (
  2. Open Bluestacks app and sign in with your Gmail username and password.
  3. Launch Safari browser and download the latest version of Remix OS apk file from the websites like, etc.
  4. Right click on the downloaded apk file and open it with Bluestacks emulator.
  5. The app will get installed automatically and you can use the app from the home screen of Bluestacks emulator.

Screenshots of Remix OS

Remix OS for Mac
Remix OS for Mac
Remix OS for Mac
Remix OS for Mac
Remix OS for Mac
Remix OS for Mac

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