Optimizer for Mac Free Download: Optimizer for Mac is an excellent and best Mac optimization app to clean up the memory, disk, and the apps. Optimizer Mac app is an all-in-one cleaner for the Mac OS that removes unwanted and useless files. It is the only all-in-one free app that offers the memory optimization, disk cleaning, and system monitoring that will keep your Mac PC optimized for the best performance. You will never get slowed down at any time as the Optimizer app will clean your Mac desktop and thus you can experience the best of mac. It is an all-improved best Mac cleaner app that will speed up your desktop. The primary feature of the Optimizer Mac PC app includes the Mac Disk Clean by reviewing a clickable disk map for the details of system file distribution. You can easily find out the files or folders that are using the most disk space as with the help of this clean master app. It will efficiently clean-up your desktop’s memory and thus it will speed up the performance and functionality of your Mac PC. Optimizer app Mac download will instantly free up the memory after you have closed the apps running on your PC. With all these features, it is termed as an all in one Mac memory optimization utility tool.

Optimizer for Mac
Optimizer for Mac

Download Optimizer app for Mac PC as it not only works as an optimizer but it also functions as a junk files cleaner tool. It will perform a quick disk clean from the status bar menu of the app. You can efficiently clean temporary files including the logs, mail caches, temporary files, empty trash, and more. It will cleverly detect the remaining files after deleting the apps and thus you will let know the remaining files. Optimizer Mac app will also clean the trash present in the removable storage. It is a big files scanner and it does it with one click. The optimizer app has multiple filters and so you can search for files with size, date, name, and type. You can even find the local files in sync with the cloud drives. Optimizer Mac app PC will not delete the protected files and thus you need not worry if you will lose the data. You can lock such important bigger size files and keep them under the protected list and thus Optimizer Mac app will avoid false deletion. Your entire home folder will be covered with the fast and accurate scanning technique of this app. All the duplicate files can be selected by their file names or types and they can be listed as to track them later easily. It is an intelligent app manager and thus you can manage all the apps installed on Mac, remove them, auto-clean the leftovers, and more on the go with ease as with this Optimizer Mac PC app.

Optimizer for Mac – Specifications

Application Name: Optimizer
DeveloperTrend Micro Inc.
Version: 3.3.5
Categories: Utilities
Languages: Multiple Languages
File size: 20.3 MB

Features of Optimizer Mac

The salient features of Optimizer Mac Download are listed below

Best Free Mac Cleaner: With the Optimizer Mac app download, you will be getting the best of mac cleaning experience and thus, as a result, you will be getting better performance while accessing your Mac PC.

Mac Disk Clean: You can review a clickable disk map for details of the system file distribution with Mac Disk Clean. You can find the files and folders that are using most disk space with Optimizer for Mac app.

All-In-One Optimizer: Optimizer app is an all-in-one mac clean master app as it offers you memory free-up, disk cleaning, app cleaning and more.

Junk File Cleaner: You can do a quick disk clean from the status bar menu, easily clean the temporary files like logs, mail caches, and more. Optimizer Mac app will cleverly detect the remaining files after deleting the Apps.

Big Files Scanner: Scan the bigger size files with an all-in-one click and it supports multiple filters of size, date, name and type. You can find the local files in sync with the cloud drives as with this Optimizer app.

Lock Important Files: With Optimizer Mac PC app, all your protected files will not be deleted as it will let you lock the important big files into the protected list as to avoid the false deletion of files.

Duplicate Files Finder: The fast and accurate scanning technique of Optimizer app will cover your entire home folder. It will select the duplicates not only by file names but also by their contents.

Intelligent App Manager: You can manage all the applications installed on the Mac easily. The Optimizer will list all the apps installed on Mac by name, size, last opened date. It will remove the apps, auto-clean leftovers, and more.

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Screenshots of Optimizer

Optimizer for Mac
Optimizer for Mac
Optimizer for Mac
Optimizer for Mac
Optimizer for Mac
Optimizer for Mac
Optimizer for Mac
Optimizer for Mac
Optimizer for Mac
Optimizer for Mac

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