HeidiSQL for Mac Free Download: HeidiSQL for Mac is an excellent tool to manage the MySQL database with which you will be able to perform a wide range of database management tasks. HeidiSQL Mac app is free software and is a great SQL client with which you can easily learn the data structures. It is an open-source app that lets its users to easily browse as well as edit the data and structures. HeidiSQL for Mac can be regarded as a serious alternative to apps like phpMyAdmin. You can choose to access the powerful graphics interface when it comes to managing the tables, logs, and more of a MySQL database. With the HeidiSQL server connection, you will get to access multiple saved sessions that would come with the connection and credentials stored within. Working with MySQL databases requires some serious knowledge as is a specialized job and that can be efficiently handled as with this impressive tool. With this app, you can do a plethora of things like generating the SQL reports, importing the text files, exporting the table to the other formats, etc. Database management has never been this simpler once before the  HeidiSQL Mac app. It is even easier to sync the information of two different tables now as with this app from your desktop platform.

HeidiSQL for Mac
HeidiSQL for Mac

Download HeidiSQL Mac app as it features a compressed client or server protocol for the compatible servers. It lets you work with multiple parallelly running sessions in one window and thus it gives the advantage of handling multiple tasks all at once. It will let you manage the users in the server-side by adding, removing and editing the users as well as their credentials. HeidiSQL app is a welcome bonus for those developers and database admins as it has made working with the tasks easier. You can view, edit and filter all the server variables or it lets you even see the server statistical variables and viewing the command-statistics. It supports connecting the servers via SSH tunnel, or pass SSL settings. So managing the database contents like creating and editing the tables, views, triggers, stored routines, and scheduled events are made easy as with the help of this app. HeidiSQL is all about establishing connections and thereby running several databases all at once. Anyone can handle a multitude of tasks and thus creating and editing the tables is made a simple thing. Aside, this tool has a smaller user manager and it will manage the user privileges in a quick way.

HeidiSQL for Mac – Specifications

Application Name: HeidiSQL
DeveloperAnsgar Becker
Categories: Tools
Languages: Multiple Languages
File size:  26.3 MB

Features of HeidiSQL Mac

The salient features of HeidiSQL Mac Download are listed below

Edit Data Structures: Download HeidiSQL app as it is an open-source tool that supports viewing and editing the data and the structure in your Mac PC. It has the support for working with the database systems like MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL.

Connect to Servers: You can connect to the multiple servers all from one single window or connect to the servers using the command line. Apart from this, HeidiSQL PC Mac app supports connection establishment either using the SSH tunnel or the pass SSL settings.

Access Bulk Table Editor: With the built-in function, it is easy to remove the data related to the logs, tables, hosts, status or privileges. Aside, with the help of bulk table editor of HeidiSQL app, the database tables can also be edited in batches and thus it loads several data at the same time.

Export & Import Features: It is not only easy to create and edit the tables, views, triggers stored routines, and scheduled events as with the HeidiSQL Mac app. Instead, you can also import text fields, and export data from one server or database directly to another server or the database.

Edit Tables: You can easily browse and edit the table data by using the comfortable grid as with the help of the  HeidiSQL app. It supports bulk edit tables along with the batch-insert ASCII or binary files into tables as with the help of this app.

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Download HeidiSQL for Mac

HeidiSQL is compatible with the Mac version of 10.0 and later.

Click here to Download HeidiSQL for Mac from the official site.

Techniques To Download HeidiSQL on Your Mac PC

Technique 1: The first method to download HeidiSQL Mac app on your Mac PC is quite simple. You just need to click on above given “Download Link.” With the click on the link, the HeidiSQL app will get start to download and will get installed automatically on our Mac PC. HeidiSQL Mac Download by this technique is the most simpler and easier way of getting the HeidiSQL app for your Mac desktop PC. With the HeidiSQL Mac PC app, it is easy to manage and handle the database systems MySQL. Managing the tables, logs, and the users of the MySQL database is simpler as with the powerful graphical interface. You can export and import the settings, generate SQL reports, and do more easily with an all-in-one click as with the download and installation of the HeidiSQL Mac PC app.

HeidiSQL for Mac
HeidiSQL for Mac

Technique 2: The second method to download HeidiSQL Mac is also simple however you need some extra time to search for it and use it on your Apple or iOS platform. In this method, you will be getting the HeidiSQL app directly from its official website. Once you enter into the HeidiSQL app’s website, you will see lots of options on the screen, and from there, you will be able to see the Download Button and with a click, you will get the HeidiSQL app on your Mac PC. Once you click on the button, the HeidiSQL app will be downloaded and installed on your Mac PC automatically.

HeidiSQL for Mac
HeidiSQL for Mac

Screenshots of HeidiSQL

HeidiSQL for Mac
HeidiSQL for Mac
HeidiSQL for Mac
HeidiSQL for Mac
HeidiSQL for Mac
HeidiSQL for Mac

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