Opera Mini is a lightweight yet powerful web browser that will let you surf the web contents at a faster rate. It has been derived from the Opera web browser as to let its users experience the faster browsing experience even with the poor internet connectivity. Opera Mini browser will compress the requested web pages using compression proxy server and with this, the web page will load quickly which in turn saves your mobile data. By using Opera Mini, you can download any web contents at a fastest rate. It is the world’s most popular web browser that offers the smarter way to surf and download web contents.

Opera Mini
Opera Mini

Features of Opera Mini App

1. Browse Faster & Safer

  • With Opera Mini browser, you can surf the internet safely at a much faster rate.
  • Even if your internet connection is slow, the requested contents will load faster.

2. Ad -Blocker

  • The built-in ad-blocker of this web browser will block the annoying ads.
  • With this, you can browse the web contents without seeing a single ad.

3. Download Videos & Music

  • You can use this web browser as to quickly download videos and music files to watch it in the offline mode.
  • It supports saving clips from a wide range of social networks and more other sites.

4.Personalized News

  • With the rebooted news feedsection of the browser, you will get personalized news.
  • So with which you can get connected with the trending news that are specially tailored based on your interest.

5. Handy Notification

  • Stay up-to-date, find what is happening on Facebook and never miss a moment with the handy notification bar in the notification drawer of Opera Mini app.

6. Extreme Savings Mode

  • You can keep an eye on your data by tracking the data you have saved as with the substantial data savings chart.
  • With the extreme savings mode of this browser, you will get even more data savings.

7. Incognito Tab

  • By using the private tabs, you can surf the web without leaving the trace of what you have browsed
  • Use incognito mode to browse the web securely and thereby stay away from prying eyes.

8. Night Mode

  • Choose to use the night mode to dim the screen and start reading the web contents more comfortably in darkness.
  • It will protect your eyes from excess brightness and helps you sleep better at night.

10. Speed Dial

  • Just tap on the plus button on the search bar to save it for the speed dial.
  • You can even add it to your bookmark for offline reading on your device.

11. Keep Sync

  • Keep your Opera Mini account sync with phone and PC to switch back to your contents.
  • You can pick anything from where you have left off. Access speed dial, bookmarks, and open tabs with account sync.

Download Opera Mini

You have to click on the link given below to download Opera Mini web browser on your device.

Download Opera Mini from Google Play Store

How to Download and install Opera Mini Apk without Google Play Store

Learn How to Download Opera Mini Android App on Windows PC

Learn How to Download Opera Mini Android App on Mac

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